• Milan Ballard

My Travel Checklist

Gearing up to travel this holiday break? Check out my good friend's tried and true travel checklist!

She's got a great travel and fashion blog, be sure to check out the original post (and all her other wonderful posts) here!


Traveling alone is as eye-opening, self-satisfying and fun as you’ve heard. I pride myself on my nearly flawless travel-planning. As a frequent traveler, years of minor (and some major) mishaps have helped me curate a checklist I use to fully prep and pack for any international voyage.

When traveling, especially solo, it is crucial to plan for everything and expect the unexpected. Plan for that missed connection, for the stolen wallet, being stranded at 8:30 PM on a closed train platform somewhere between Milan and Florence with no working cell phone or available human resources... I digress.

Below is my checklist for making solo a trip abroad memorable, not miserable: