• Emily Kim

4 Pet-Friendly Days in Asturias

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Escape with your four-legged buddy to greener pastures (literally). This four-day travel guide takes you through Spain's Principado de Asturias. Cooler temperatures, hiking trails galore, and enough food and drink to balance it out await.

If you're traveling with your four-legged friend, I've got the 4-day guide just for you. If it's your first time in Asturias and you're dreaming of the postcard views of coastal towns like Cudillero, go, do that. It's gorgeous. But if you've done that, or you just want to escape to smaller towns in the mountainous interior with less tourist foot traffic, let's go.

This plan is for the hiker, eater, drinker and relaxer in you. Plus, I made sure to pick somewhere that feels far enough out there, but is also just a 15 minute drive to the vet-- just in case.

The Nitty Gritty

Where to:

El Peligro, in the Concejo de Tineo, Asturias, Spain

How to get there from Madrid:

For easy access to trailheads and whatnot, I recommend *shock* a car.

We rented one for about €18/day from getaround, a sort of AirBnB for cars (formerly drivy.com). It often comes out cheaper than renting from one of the big companies. But definitely look into it yourself for the best option for you.

Social distancing along the way

Just a few things to note when renting:

  • Make sure pets are allowed in the rental contract!

  • And know that if you've been in Spain for more than six months, and you don't hold a Spanish driving license, your getaround account will be frozen and you will not be able to rent a car. (You can get around this by renting from one of the big companies.)

If your pup is 10 kg or under, you could also take the *bus or train from Madrid to Oviedo, and then rent a car in Oviedo. Your call.

*With your pet in a crate in a special area of

the cargo hold (bus). If you're not

comfortable with that, or your pup is larger

than 10 kg, you'll need to go by car.

In numbers:


€: ~Varies according to your preference + tolls

(From what we could tell, there are tolls regardless of the route you take.

We passed through two pay points, €13 each.)

Time: ~4.5 to 5 hours


€: ~€59 each way + car rental fees from Oviedo on

Time: ~8 hours by bus + ~1 hour by car


€: ~€40 each way + car rental fees from Oviedo on

Time: ~5 hours by train + 1 hour by car


If you're someone who likes to get in the car and go from point A to point B with as few stops as possible (read: none) then skip ahead.

But if you like to take your time (within reason) and stop along the way for a bite to eat, Benavente is a good spot. We chose it for no other reason than that it fell halfway along our route, and had a terrace where we could sit with the dog.

A quick Google search took us to Taberna de Bode in a willow-lined town square where we pigged out on "patatas con huevo y chorizo" (huevos rotos), chuletas, and secreto ibérico. And then we had a coffee or two before waddling back to the car to finish out the drive.

Where to Stay:

While it can be unimaginable to travel without your pet, the logistics can also be very challenging. To minimize headaches, we stuck to one pet-friendly bed and breakfast in a small village near Tineo called El Peligro (more on the name here). We used it as a home base for nearby day-tivities.

Canopied by pear and apple trees, Pensión & Parrilla Casa Vicente is easy to find, yet just tucked away enough that you feel like you've escaped. The pros: fantastic food, a very clean and comfortable room, and hard-to-match hospitality.