• Emily Kim

Home Alone: Making Your Own Holiday Traditions

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

When it comes to the holidays, is this you?

Or this?

(Is it just me or was this part just a little too dramatic?)

Maybe you've watched Home Alone every Christmas since you were five. Maybe you're that family that spends Thanksgiving evening putting up their Christmas tree so you're free to hit the sales on Black Friday. Whatever your holiday traditions, don't you love how they make you feel? Warm and golden? Well, how do you handle the holidays when you can't make it home to relish those time-tested moments?

Or, let's be honest, not everyone has the greatest holiday memories. Maybe you just remember family tensions, money problems or maybe you felt the absence of a loved one (or ones). Apart from those not so pleasant memories, it's easy to feel even worse by not being giddy and obsessed with everything Elf. Why can't you feel more excited?

So, far-away or not-so-nostalgic, how do you handle holiday traditions on your own?


  1. Drop some serious cash at the grocery store stocking up on tubs of ice cream and cookie dough and popcorn and probably M&M's because you know how you love that savory+sweet combination, and maybe while you're at it a packet of instant mashed potatoes because, well, what's more home-y than creamy mashed potatoes? Follow said (not so) gourmet financial hit with a Netflix binge in your so funny that it's depressing that no one is there to appreciate it ironic pajamas.

  2. Take a deep breath and decide to make some new traditions of your own.