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Cuando Volvamos: My First Saturday Back

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We're all daydreaming about that first glass of wine together-- that's not via Zoom, that we didn't pour, that's not from our fridge. Well, thanks to the generosity of a group of creative professionals at Igeneris, we can channel our daydreams into doing real good in this world. They launched Cuando Volvamos, an initiative to help local businesses survive this crisis, as well as to thank healthcare professionals for putting themselves on the frontlines.

How does it work?

Check out their FAQs page for more info, but basically, they have partnered with local businesses to offer different "plans". A plan could be lunch for two, a yoga class pass, dinner for two... there's plenty to choose from!

Once you've chosen a plan, you can:

1. Buy a package for yourself, your mom, your neighbor, cousin, yourself again, your significant other, whomever!


2. Donate it to a healthcare professional who's on the front lines!

Win-Win: Your favorite business has some income during this time; AND, you, or whomever you choose, have something to look forward to as soon as we're out!


That brings me to what I would do my first Saturday back...

...besides hug the bejeezus out of my friends.

Let me just say, this Saturday will not be for the weak of heart (or stomach). I plan to eat, drink and be merry. Let's start in Chamberí with the sun shining in la Glorieta del Pintor Sorolla. The trees are blooming, the terraces are buzzing with too-excited-to-be-in-public folks, all smiles.

First stop: Brunch for 2 at La Espumosa

I first breezed through the doors of this stylish space because I won a brunch for two on Instagram. It was delicious. The mimosas were divine. The ambience was warm, mod and charming. I've been kicking myself that I haven't been back since, so it's the first stop on my list.

What does this plan include?

Per person:

- 1 mimosa with freshly-squeezed orange juice and sweet, sweet bubbly

- 1 toast with a poached egg

- 1 açaí bowl

- 1 natural brownie (it was made of sweet potato, something else healthy, and something else... so good)

*Once you've bought your plan, you'll receive info on how to make the required reservation for your visit.

Bonus: The owner, Juliette, speaks French, Spanish and English (maybe more, you can ask!) So dust off your French, your Spanish, your FirstTimeTalkingtoSomeoneBesidesMyReflection-ish!


Belly full of delicious, healthy treats (and maybe a little buzzed), I'll take a walk to let my stomach settle (and to build up an appetite for round 2). As it's been a while since I've just sat in the sun, I think I'll do that. I'll walk over to Parque del Oeste and stretch out on the grass. Bring some cards to play with friends. Take turns painting each other in 30 seconds or less (masterpieces, all). Probably take a nap. Once we've drenched ourselves in sun and our bellies are ready, we'll go back out.


Second stop: La Mordida for some day drinking

With locations all around Madrid, we'll settle on the one closest to Parque del Oeste (C/ Princesa, 3).

What does this plan include?

Five pitchers of margaritas*

*Bring your own friends or make new ones.

**Once you've bought your plan, you'll receive info on how to make the required reservation for your visit.

Bonus: Since we're here, we might as well split (something to picar because, why not?) the *Pa' ti Pa' mi (*this is not included in the Cuando Volvamos plan, but well worth it). Enough? Nope! Time to take a walk (a long one)...


Third stop: Dinner for 2 at DF Bar

We'll finish the day back towards the Bilbao metro with some (more) Mexican food.

What does this plan include?

Per person:

- 1 starter

- 1 main

- 1 dessert

- 1 beer (doble) or 1 glass of wine

+ (As a courtesy) 1 Mexican beer OR Michelada

*Again, once you've bought your plan, you'll receive info on how to make the required reservation for your visit.


Well past fed, tipsy and with all the vitamin D I could need, I'll walk to the second closest metro stop (gotta get those steps in) and hop on. On my way home, I'll daydream about what I'll do the next Saturday.

Gut-busting plans aside, I hope we can all stay positive and think about our plans for when the quarantine ends. These places are honestly delicious, but there are many more (not just food, I might add). So, take a look! Together, we'll get through this.

Sending a big hug to all of you!

Be safe, be well.

What about you? What does your first Saturday back look like? Comment, post, let's show these businesses some love!

(Click to read in Spanish)



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