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The One nether nooks and crannies froze while my jaw shattered enamel again and again as a small lake formed from my drippings.

Jonathan had led us through hellish sleet and biting winds across the high peaks just outside El Escorial. We managed about two hours trudging headstrong into the freezing rain before deciding to abandon the route in favor of an early day and a hot drink.

Coffeeeeeeeeeeee… all of it- MINE.

We’d volunteered for this. But rain never falls on a ready hiker!  We’d read the forecast and shrugged off the prediction. It wouldn’t, couldn’t, absolutely mustn’t rain on us. 100%? Meh.

I’d always been too optimistic for numbers anyway. I’d also been the only one in my Korean family not to inherit the “math” gene. Guess that included percentages, interpreting probability…

100%… Oops.



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